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Billing Information & Questions

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Billing Information

  • I’ve Tried To Make a Payment/Purchase and It Has Failed.
    Please check with your bank to assure that transactions with Slooh are okayed by them. If they are, and you are still receiving an error making a payment or purchase, please fill out a support ticket.
  • I Forgot to Cancel My Account Before I Was Billed.
    It is important to remember to cancel before you are billed, as we do not offer refunds. You can view our Terms and Conditions for clarification. Note: You still get to have access during the billed term even if you cancel the day after you were billed. If you are having trouble canceling your account and you need help, please fill out a support ticket so that we may assist you.
  • I Forgot I Had An Account and Set Up Another, Now I'm Being Billed for Two. I Just Want One Account.
    This is easy: Cancel one and keep the other.
  • My Card Was Used Fraudulently To Purchase a Membership.
    If you believe your card has been used fraudulently, please report this to your credit card provider; we will cooperate with them and provide them with any data they need upon their request.  

Billing Questions

  • What Method Do I Use To Pay For My Membership? 
    You can purchase a membership using either a Credit Card or Paypal.

  • Do You Offer Refunds?
    We do not offer refunds. You can refer to our Terms and Conditions for further information.

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