Canary Five Solar Telescope

The Canary Five Solar telescope is a highly specialized telescope equipped with a high-frame-rate video camera. The system generates unrivalled live views of the Sun in the Hydrogen-Alpha bandwidth (<0.5 Ångström bandpass). This allows us to see amazing high contrast views of active solar regions, flares, filaments and other surface features such as prominences on the solar limb.

Telescope Specification


Manufacturer: Lunt
Model: Double-Stack Hydrogen-Alpha Telescope
Aperture: 2.36" (60mm)
Focal Length: 500mm (19.7")
Nominal Focal Ratio:  f/8.3
Slooh Designation Code: T5-SHa-60

Video Camera Specification


Manufacturer:  Celestron (designed and engineered by The Imaging Source)
Model:  Skyris 236C High-Frame-Rate Video
Resolution:  1920×1080
Pixel Size:  2.8×2.8μm
Sensor Size:  5.38x3.36mm
Frames Per Second (FPS): 60 fps at full frame
Exposure Range:  0.0001 to 10 seconds

Camera Filter 

The Canary Five Solar Telescope uses a high-frame-rate color video camera so it doesn't require any filters.

Image Specification 


Image Scale:  1.16 arcseconds/pixel
North Angle:  0° (North-Up, East-Left)
Angular Size:  0° 37' 07" x 0° 20' 53" (Field-Of-View)
Resolution: 1920x1080

Mount Specification  


Manufacturer:  Software Bisque
Model:  Paramount ME (Mk4000)
Type:  German Equatorial Mount (GEM)
Instrument Capacity:  150lbs (60kg) (300lbs, 120kg total capacity)
Periodic Error:  Maximum 10 arcseconds peak-to-peak before PEC (Periodic Error Correction)

Enclosure Specification


Manufacturer:  AstroHaven Enterprises
Type:  Four Shutter Clamshell Dome
Size:  12ft (3.7 meters)

NOTE: The Canary Five Solar Telescope shares the same dome as the Canary Three Deep Sky Astrograph and the Canary  Four Solar System Telescope.