Canary Three Deep Sky Astrograph

The Canary Three Deep Sky system uses a special type of telescope known as an astrograph. Its superb light gathering ability is matched by a very large field-of-view making it ideal for the largest deep-sky objects such as large galaxies and open star clusters.

This system uses Celestron's single-shot-color CCD camera making this is an ideal system to use if you want to start processing your own images.

Telescope Specification


Manufacturer: Celestron
Model: Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph (RASA)
Aperture: 11" (279mm)
Focal Length: 620mm (24.4")
Nominal Focal Ratio:  f/2.2
Slooh Designation Code: T3-DS-279

CCD Camera Specification 


Manufacturer:  Celestron
Model:  Nightscape 8300 Single-Shot-Color
CCD Chip:  Kodak KAF-8300C
Resolution:  3357×2535 (at Binning 1×1)
Pixel Size:  5.4×5.4μm
Sensor Size:  17.96×13.52mm
Peak QE:  33% @ 630 nm; 40% @ 550 nm; 33 % @470 nm
Anti-Blooming:  >1000x saturation exposure

Camera Filter Specification

The Canary Three Deep Sky Astrograph uses a single-shot-color camera so it doesn't have any filters.

Image Specification 


Image Scale:  1.77 arcseconds/pixel (binned 1×1)
North Angle:  0° (North-Up, East-Left)
Angular Size:  1° 39' 14" x 1° 14' 56" (Field-Of-View)
Resolution: Binning 1×1: 3357x2535
Binning 2×2: 1678x1267
Binning 3×3: 1119x845

Mount Specification  


Manufacturer:  Software Bisque
Model:  Paramount MX
Type:  German Equatorial Mount (GEM)
Instrument Capacity:  100lbs (45kg) (200lbs, 90kg total capacity)
Periodic Error:  Maximum 7 arcseconds peak-to-peak before PEC (Periodic Error Correction)

Enclosure Specification


Manufacturer:  AstroHaven Enterprises
Type:  Four Shutter Clamshell Dome
Size:  12ft (3.7 meters)