Chile AllSky Camera

The Chile AllSky Camera is a special low-light camera that captures a 180° field-of-view of the skies above the observatory. It runs 24hrs and is ideal to check sky conditions that may affect imaging. The time-lapse from it is regularly updated and makes it easy to identify haze. You can also use it to capture the constellations, the Milky Way, meteors whizzing across the sky, as well as the International Space Station and other satellites as they pass over the observatory.

Lens Specification


Manufacturer: Fujinon
Model: Fisheye Lens
Focal Length: 1.24mm
Nominal Focal Ratio:  f/2.8
Slooh Designation Code: C0-PUCAS-2.8

Camera Specification 


Manufacturer:  Moonglow Tech
Model:  AllSky 
CCD Chip:  Sony Color 1/3" Super HAD CCD II
Resolution:  640x480
Pixel Size:  7.4x7.4μm
Sensor Size:  4.9x3.6
Full Frame Download: 0.13 seconds
Exposure Range:  0.001 - 3600 seconds

Image Specification 


Image Scale:  1012 arcseconds/pixel (0.28 degrees/pixel)
North Angle:  0° (North-Up, East-Left)
Angular Size:  180° x 140° (Field-Of-View)
Resolution: 640x480


The Chile AllSky Camera is located 25-meters (80ft) to the south of the dome. The other white structures visible are the university's large roll-off-roof observatory and museum buildings.