Chile One Ultra-Wide-Field Telescope

The Chile One Ultra-Wide-Field system is a small but very capable telescope. It has a large field-of-view and is ideal to capture the largest southern hemisphere treasures.

Telescope Specification


Manufacturer: Celestron
Model: EdgeHD 1400 Schmidt-Cassegrain Catadioptric (SCT)
Aperture: 14" (355.6mm)
Focal Length: 3910mm (154")
Nominal Focal Ratio:  f/11
Slooh Designation Code: C1-WF-358

CCD Camera Specification


Manufacturer:  Diffraction Limited SBIG
Model:  STL-11000M
CCD Chip:  Kodak KAI-11000
Resolution:  4008×2672 (at Binning 1×1)
Pixel Size:  9x9μm
Sensor Size:  36.072×24.048mm
Peak QE:  42%
Anti-Blooming:  Yes

Camera Filter Specification


Manufacturer:  SBIG
Filter Types:
  • Luminance
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Hα - Hydrogen Alpha (only used for custom processing such as the Moon - this filter is not available for any member-selectable processing options)

Image Specification


Image Scale:  0.47 arcseconds/pixel (binned 1×1)
North Angle:  0° (North-Up, East-Left)
Angular Size:  0° 31' 18" x 0° 20' 51" (Field-Of-View)
Resolution: Binning 1×1: 3358×2536
Binning 2×2: 1679×1268
Binning 3×3: 1119×845

Mount Specification


Manufacturer:  Software Bisque
Model:  Paramount ME (Mk4000)
Type:  German Equatorial Mount (GEM)
Instrument Capacity:  150lbs (60kg) (300lbs, 120kg total capacity)
Periodic Error:  Maximum 10 arcseconds peak-to-peak before PEC (Periodic Error Correction)

Enclosure Specification


Manufacturer:  AstroHaven Enterprises
Type:  Four Shutter Clamshell Dome
Size:  16ft (4.9 meters)