FAQs on Account Control

  • Can my membership get Auto-renewed? 
    Yes. When you joined Slooh, you agreed to an auto-renewable account by default. To prevent further auto-renewal, you may cancel your account at any time.  The account will still remain active for the remainder of its term. 

  • I have an issue accessing my account?
    If you have any issues related to your account, go to support.slooh.com and create a ticket. Our team will assist you with any account-related issues.

  • Can I upgrade my membership?
    Yes, you can upgrade your membership anytime. However, the full membership fee will be applied and there is no refund provided.

  • Can I change my email ID?
    Yes, you can change your email ID. Go to support.slooh.com and create a ticket with an email ID change request.

  • How to cancel my membership?
    Please follow these simple steps to cancel your account,
    1. Login at slooh.com
    2. Click your profile icon at the top right and select "Account Control".
    3. Scroll down the page where you will find a "Cancel Account" button.
    4. Press the "Cancel My Account" button on the next page.