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Gravity Points, Badges, MVP

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Gravity Points

Gravity Points are what you accrue as you participate in, and complete, quests. The more Gravity Points you earn, the more you level up.


Levels are displayed in the form of historical astronomers, who paved the way for the explorers to come.


 Awarded once a quest is completed, badges represent the culmination of your hard work as you participate in and finish quests.

MVP (Most Valuable Players)

In recognition of members' contributions to the community, The Online Telescope awards three members with the most Gravity Points for a particular object, MVP Status. This will be listed on the object's guide page. 


All of the above reflect what you have learned using The Online Telescope, the effort you make to share what you think, and the community's appreciation of your contribution. Since all of what we have learned about space comes from the accumulation of knowledge shared down through the ages, our community is structured to reward those who learn and share what they know. 

The Online Telescope fosters a community of people geared toward learning from their peers as they share their views of space, with stature accruing to those who lead by pointing the telescopes at interesting objects, sharing thoughtful observations, asking and answering questions, socializing in Workspaces, completing Quests, and performing research and discovery.  

For more information on this topic, visit our guide page.

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