Student Membership

Student Membership is a beginner-level membership featuring standard telescope control which comes with an annual subscription fee of just $50. For the student members, the following are the part of a 1-year membership,

Control Online Telescopes

Six telescopes, including a solar telescope, situated at our flagship observatory, at the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands, four telescopes near Santiago, Chile, offering complimentary views of the southern skies and three new telescopes situated in the United Arab Emirates (coming 2020), offering 20+ hours of live observing per day and unlimited photo opportunities. 

Schedule Missions

Point any Slooh telescope at any Slooh 1000 object, limited to five standard reservations at a time per day.  Images can be automatically captured and saved to your account.

Star Parties

Join a Zoom Star Party to interact with Slooh team and other Slooh members, guides through an interactive and engaging exploration of the Universe using Slooh's Live Telescopes and Quests. Star Parties are the live interactive meetings & shows which include special space events, astronomy programs, etc where members can participate and interact. 

Build an Image Collection 

Take unlimited photos from telescopes and keep track of your personal journey of discovery by capturing images for your Photo Hub and sharing Observations. 

Join an Astronomy Club

Exploring space is more interesting when people experience it together. You will be placed in our astronomy club for students to share and collaborate in exploration activities. 

Earn Exploration Badges

Quests are designed to lead members through a variety of fun and curriculum-driven exploration activities that will challenge you to hunt down phenomena in space, follow in the footsteps of famous discoverers, and build image collections. You will earn Badges and Gravity Points as you learn and share what you know. 

Ask Astronomers Anything 

Our professional astronomy educators are here to help beginners of all ages. They've curated Guides related to everything you will see and will answer questions as members explore. From recorded narration to live audio and video lectures, they will develop your mind's eye to grasp the science and poetry of space.

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