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Gravity Points

Gravity Points are what you accrue as you participate in, and complete, quests. The more Gravity Points you earn, the more you level up.


In recognition of members' contributions to the community, The Online Telescope awards three members with the most Gravity Points for a particular object, MVP Status. This will be listed on the object's guide page.



You can create a new Workspace using the following steps:

  • Click on the "Workspace" option from the main navigation bar.
  • Choose the “Create Workspace” option.
  • Select your School or Organization.
  • Name your Workspace and add a description.
  • Select "Save Workspace."

Quick Links: How To Create Workspaces.


  1.  If you do not have one, create your Discord account (If you have a discord account, skip steps 1 and 2 and proceed to step 3.)
  2. Verify your Discord account.
  3. Select the user icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. From the right-hand sidebar menu, click on the "Slooh Discord Community" option.
  4. Once on the "My Community" page,  select the "Join our Discord" button and follow steps 1-3.

Star Parties

Most of our Star Parties are now held on our Discord Server. Members link is available here, non-members can still join with very limited access by clicking here. To view the Star Party schedule, select the community button from the main navigation bar. On the "Community" page, select Star Parties:

The schedule will display on the next page.

  • How Can I Ask a Question During a Star Party?
    If a Zoom link is publicly available, it will be listed in the "about" section of the event page - this is the only way to participate in Zoom Webinar Star Party streams. If the Star Party is held on Discord, you can communicate via the corresponding voice or text channel. NOTE: If you join our server under the "Visitor" role, you will not be able to communicate outwardly at all except on rare occasions during certain special events. If you are a member but have joined the server via a "Visitor" invite link, you will need to fully leave our server and then rejoin using the link on this page. The quickest way to check is that Visitors will have dark blue usernames. More in-depth directions on how to fix this are available in the #welcome-and-rules channel on our Discord Server.  

  • How Do I Watch a Star Party After It’s Finished?

    Non-Discord Star Parties are available for replay on their Event Page or our Youtube Channel. We do not record our Discord Star Parties as we consider them to be special discussions best experienced live. Members participate actively in the voice channel while simultaneously sharing additional thoughts, images, videos, and music in the text chat channel. It is a unique experience that can't quite be captured by a recording.

Quick Links: Star Parties.


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